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Im gone guys


Great game!  You really need to add more levels though

Loved the concept. Unfortunately my screen size doesn't allow me to go past level 3, can you can make the pixel size smaller.


Ahh! I heared about people with that! I'm not going to patch this though cause it was a 48 hour project and I'm currently busy with other games.

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So... For everyone talking about 'Window Frame'.  I have played it after a handful of people on the GMTK Discord told me it was similar to what I was making. 

 'Window Frame'  is great and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes the concept of a resizable window. It honestly does a lot of things better than my game but I still see our games approaching the concept differently.

I did not get the concept from window frame either. I got the idea from a friend who I brainstormed with and it was originally supposed to destroy the world when it was out of the window but I opted not to do that cause I only had 48 hours and I did not want to spend my time with voxels and bugs.

Either way, thanks for playing Resize and I'll see you people next year(?).



It's good to see your comment on things, I didn't mean to cause an uprising or debate over whether you had been inspired by Window Frame or not.

I was mostly just surprised at the lack of source or credit in the description as to me I immediately thought of Window Frame being an inspiration.

However, as you have said that you had not heard of Window Frame until after you had come up with the main mechanic then I would like to apologise if I came off harshly. It wasn't my intention, I just wanted to make sure people were credited for their work/inspiration.

Hope I haven't discouraged you from further Game Jams, best of luck in the future!

Glad you took it in stride! Some people will tell you it's a rip-off, but that's kind of how every great game begins:  As a rip-off of something else, even if it's accidental or just slightly. It's on the refining that you make sure others understand that what you "ripped-off" was merely an inspiration!

Hope you work more on Resize, as Mark said himself, it's clearly one of the best games in the Jam <3

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We'll see what I'll do regarding the future of Resize. I don't know if I have plans on working on it in the future but if I do so it, I will probably create my own virtual desktop in the game to get rid of all the bugs I have with Windows and opening more doors for weird concepts.

But thanks for playing! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it.

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Why haven't you credited or acknowledged you took this concept from ?

Consider this, a radical thought: maybe he didn't? The concept isn't new and wasn't when that game was released.

Wasn't it? Could you link or show me some earlier versions of that concept? I genuinely haven't seen games like 'Window Frame' before.

You need to tell me right now how this works cause that was incredible I didn't even know unity could do such a thing!

You can do a lot with Unity with a bit of creativity!

The basic idea is that  you need to scale orthographic camera size with screen height 

I absolutely loved this! i work with unity and you sir, just blew my mind! is there anyway I can get the source of this project?

I can share some things if you'd like. Just add me on Discord: Zorro#0533

Donezo! Im attlaz there.

This IS A Brilliant IDEA!!!!!!

i stuck a little in level 1  but the moment i found the MAIN Mechanic in This Game

IT Blown MY MIND!!! 

I Want A Whole Game Based ON this IDEA, I Want you to have The Confdence to Move Forward as A Game Designer, Iam Realy Ready To Play Full Game from "You".

Wow man, Thanks for playing!

We'll see what I will do in the future, I have a lot of projects in the works. 

My computer screen ins't big enought to play the third level, but overall a great game!

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oh man! I knew this was going to happen to someone but still sorry for the inconvenience D:

Good job, nice concept. (credit at the end close too fast)

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Thanks for playing! Sorry about the quick credits! D:

Really cool!!! OwO I love the concept! c: Great work!


A blast to make the walking animation for you!

The game turned out great, albeit a bit short.

I'd reccommend a SFX for picking up the cube (:

Hope to see you next year!

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Audio right...

Next year, I'll be there! :)

it's a nice game with a very clever concept.

one thing i will criticize though is that the game is quite short, but since this is a game jam it's understandable.

i think you should create a remake or a sequel to this game. 

it would be great to see some improvements from a game created with much more time put into it

Thanks for the honest criticism. Yeah the game is sorta short but time got the best of me (:

belive it or not, time was much more of a worry for me than it was for your project.

at least you have 3 POLISHED levels while i have 10 rushed levels


Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!


Wow, great job !


Dhamm! That was nice! I blew my mind!

Oh no.. I hope it didn't hurt >w<